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Central Air Conditioning Repair

When it comes to home comfort during the warmer periods, your central air conditioner plays a big role. Peak summer temperatures are inescapable, which means that you’ll count on your air conditioner. However, air conditioner repairs are more difficult to predict. It’s tough to know when an air conditioner will quit working, is on its last legs, or when it will become completely useless, but it’s a very real possibility if you use an older air conditioner, especially one that’s been around more than 10 years.

Central air conditioners seem to stop running when it’s most inconvenient for you and that typically ends up on one of the hottest days of the year. The pros at JSB Heating and Cooling Inc know that If you need AC repair service, you need it immediately. Simply call us 24/7 at 250-295-2616 and we'll get to work.

No matter the brand, make or model of the AC, our experts are ready to get it back up and working.

4 Important Points About Central AC Repair

  1. Lack of maintenance

    Letting your air conditioner work over extended periods without being maintained is likely to cause more headaches as time elapses. Whether it results in routine air conditioner service or you end up needing a new air conditioning system, problems can begin to pile up, negatively impacting the efficiency and operation of your system.

  2. Component failure

    When your air conditioner isn’t working efficiently, the compressor and fan controls may wear out, or several other important components may be affected. When your system cycles on and off a lot there is unnecessary stress placed on these internal components, causing improper operation or premature failure.

  3. Thermostat problems

    From a dead battery to a thermostat sensor that isn’t calibrated properly, there are a variety of thermostat problems that may take place. If it has been a while since you last switched out your thermostat batteries, it may be time to do so in order to avoid any problems with the settings you have in place.

  4. Condensation

    Your air conditioner will produce a lot of condensation. Some air conditioners have an electric condensate pump with tubing that can tear or clog with algae or ice. Call a friendly service technician if you suspect something is wrong with your pump.

What you will want to know when you believe your AC needs a repair service:

  • If you think you hear a clicking noise coming from your central AC unit, call right away.
  • If your AC isn’t running, you can check for a blown fuse or a flipped breaker. Check your electric box and replace the fuse or flip the breaker. If the the air conditioning still won’t come on, give us a call so we can help determine the source of the problem.
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